First workshop within a project: Patrimonium, culture and hospitality. Benedictine monasteries as a place of the meeting – the Benedictine Monastery in Sampor (Slovakia) 28-29 March 2012The first workshop was focused on the Benedictine monasteries as a meeting place from historical, theological and educational angle. Since this was the first live meeting of all partners the project agenda and its assumptions were presented in details. It was followed by a lively discussion about the role of the Benedictine monasteries in the European culture. The present situation was analysed as well. In historical terms, there was an interesting theme of continuity and discontinuity of Patrimonium (dissolution of monasteries, owners changes), its transformation when Benedictine monastery ceases to exist, but is still engrained in the public awareness. An important addition to this thread was a visit to Hronský Beňadik – it used to be one of the most important monasteries of the Hungarian monarchy. Nowadays, the existing church reminds the splendour of this place, while the monastery fell into ruin. Moreover, we analysed the role of the Benedictines in the Christianization of Central Europe and their role among local people.


The second day was devoted to issues of education in the monasteries. Almost from the beginning the Benedictine school played a very important role. Some monasteries still maintain reputable schools (including one of the project partners – the monastery in Pannonhalma). In addition, we analysed the modern forms of education in the monasteries, including those of an informal nature – workshops, retreats. The monasteries are preparing more and more of special activities for children and young people with Tyniec as the best example.

The first workshop clearly showed that one thread calls the next, and the project theme is extremely rich and versatile, so we are really looking forward to the next meeting to be held in Hungary in late April.