The project is of an educational and cultural nature and involves raising awareness about the multifaceted heritage of the Benedictine thought and their impact on the united Europe. Within the project, there will be workshop sessions, publications and international conference.


The following activities have been planned:

• Conducting two sessions devoted to various aspects of the Benedictine heritage, the development of guidelines/theses to be further developed in the publication (educational-historical-theological, socio-cultural-anthropological, marketing and tourism)

• Issuing a publication showing many aspects of heritage and the Benedictine tradition.

• Developing and issuing publications with scenarios of activities for children regarding the Benedictine heritage in Central-Eastern Europe

• A conference summarizing the project will be organized by the project partner in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia


13/2/2012 – 31/2/2012 Workshop Session I (Tyniec-PL or Sampor-SK)

1/4/2012 – 30/4/2012 Workshop Session II (Pannonhalma –HU or Prague –CZ)

3/9/2012 – 30/9/2012 Conference summarizing the project (Banska Bystrzyca –SK)